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Tom Wood Beers stands peacefully within in the Lincolnshire Wolds…

The brewery is surrounded by rich farming land that has, for centuries provided the finest quality Malting Barley for use in the brewing of delicious beer

It was with grain from these very fields and in the highest local traditions our story begins. The Wood Family have been farming these fields for nearly 100 years, ever since their grandfather took on the tenancy around the time of the Great War. The tenancy was then handed down to his son after the Second World War. The Wood family has now passed down to the third generation of farmer and it is here that Tom Wood’s Melton High Wood Brewery stands.

View the brewery as it stands proud amongst the fields here

Tom’s story is one born from passion. He first got the idea for the brewery when someone showed him a newspaper clipping about a micro-brewery in London. Within days he had set to work on ideas and plans. The only snag was, he only knew how to drink beer. Through intensive research into the business and visiting other small breweries, his vision and thirst to get started increased. With the help of a consultant, an ex-brewer from Samuel Smith’s of Tadcaster, his dream became a reality. From his humble beginnings of brewing one day, delivering the next, the business grew and grew.

You can find out more about Tom Wood here

Tom Wood founded the brewery in a converted brick grain store. Starting with a capacity of 50 firkins a week (a firkin is 9 gallons, just over 40 litres). At that time he produced two beers of distinctive taste and style. The first of the two beers was the Best Bitter, a medium coloured beer with a hoppy flavour. The other was Old Timber, a dark and more malty ale, affectionately named after his dog. Today the brewery produces more core beers and an additional range of seasonal brews that are released across the year.

If you would like to see how the beer is made today, take our visual tour of the brewery and see our head brewer in action here

By the end of 1997 Tom’s brothers, John (the eldest) and David (the second son of the family), were all integral parts in the chain. Paul (the third Wood brother) who is a qualified agricultural engineer, chose to follow his dream of being an airline pilot. At this time John was producing enough of the malting barley to spare some for Tom to turn into his well-established beer. This beer was then sold over the bar in David Wood’s pub, The Butchers Arms in North Kelsey. David (a nuclear physicist) also has a marquee company Wood’s Marquees. The Wood Brothers work well together and to this day, if there is ever a need for one to help the other, they’ll down tools and lend a hand. At the end of the 90’s and into the 2000’s there was more and more demand for Tom Wood’s beer, so Tom Wood’s team grew.

To read more about the team click here

As the brewery grew and demand increased Tom Wood opened the Yarborough Hunt in Brigg in 2003. Renovating a number of old shop buildings, he created a wonderfully traditional pub, with quality products and welcoming staff. Over the  years the Yarborough Hunt has won awards for its contribution to the town of Brigg and to real ale fans, most notably CAMRA. The pub has a wonderful beer garden for the summer and a number of different drinking rooms to explore. With solid wood furniture, beams across the bar and fireplaces to keep you warm on a winters night the Yarborough Hunt offers a unique drinking experience. With every visit you’ll find something new especially with local history adorning the walls.

See inside the Yarborough Hunt, Brigg here

Now brewing for nearly 20 years, Tom Wood Beers has grown its capacity from 1995, to over 170,000 pints a week today. Quantity never replaces quality at Tom Wood Beers. Using the traditional methods of brewing, a rich blend of colours and flavours are produced from the finest English Hops and Malted Barley. We will continue to deliver Lincolnshire beer so our story will continue for another 20 years and many more…

The Tom Wood range of Core and Seasonal brews, available to the growing real ale market both locally and beyond