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Great Reviews by CAMRGB

Bomber and Lincoln Bottles

Campaign for Really Good Beer

So we thought in the month which has now been renamed in the media as “Dry January” it would be good to remind those of you who are still partaking in a lovely beverage or two of the alcoholic variety of a couple of great reviews we have had recently. For those of you who have visited our website before in the last year or so will have seen a variety of changes throughout the site, from the more striking redesign only a few months after our launch, to the not so in your face change to the way in which we sell bottled beer online.

As a small company, with only a few full time employees, the ease of selling our bottled beer online became quite apparent when we looked further into the logistics of it. Suffice to say, delivery companies; bottled goods and alcohol are not a great combination. We were then lucky enough to find a company that specialises in dealing with bottled beer from smaller breweries exactly like ourselves. In come Best of British Beer, and make our life a lot easier. It means that we can now, through them, supply you far and wide with our beer! We’re no longer restricted to country borders, which means that for those of you who enjoy our beer, living further afield than Lincolnshire, you can now do so.

Through Best of British Beer, our beer managed to land on the doormat of Beer Blogger (CAMRGB – Campaign for Really Good Beer) Simon Williams. He is not affiliated with anyone, just a gentleman who likes good beer, drinks good beer and then blogs about it. We are pretty proud of our products, we like to think we make a good pint and it is always great when someone else thinks so as well.

So if you’re a little unsure and want to hear what Simon has to say then please follow the links below and read his thoughts on our beer.

 Lincoln Gold

Bomber County

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