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Best Bitter – ABV 3.5%

 Best Bitter pump clipBest Bitter – ABV 3.5%

Our Best Bitter is one of Lincolnshires favourites

Tom Wood’s Best Bitter has managed to retain its place as one of the core beers.

Tom Wood’s Best Bitter has been an enduring beer at the brewery, ever since the very first brew back in 1995. We use the finest English ingredients in our beers and the Best Bitter is no acception to this rule.

Our beer is brewed with Crystal & Chocolate Malts and a blend of Challenger and Fuggles Hops to produce this fine session beer. It is obviously popular with our customers as it still sells strongly to this day!

It is an easy to drink bitter and has a fresh, dry, hoppy flavour combined with a fruity aftertaste and heady aroma.

                                                  Tom Wood’s Best Bitter is part of our core beer range.

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